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Cooperative and Condominium Representation

As counsel to several boards, the Law Offices of Nathan Pinkhasov PLLC can you in all aspects of shareholder and owner litigation including shareholder and owner disputes regarding nonpayment of maintenance and common charges and proprietary lease violations. We can also assist in cooperative conversions, negotiations of contracts and act as transfer agent in sales and purchases of apartments.

Our offices can assist your building with the review and preparation of all legal documents, policy, budget and financial planning, union matters, by-laws and proprietary lease modifications, election issues and preparation for annual meetings, and litigation.  We can recommend and draft policy guidelines for renovation and construction projects, management and employment agreements, and service contracts as well as advise on zoning issues, tax strategies and mortgage refinancing. 

We can also can attend monthly board meetings to assist with policy-making, long-term planning (capital projects, renovations) and at meetings of shareholders/unit owners.

Please contact us for a complimentary meeting with your board.